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If you are looking for an all-in-one joint support, anti-inflammatory and pain reliving product, don’t look any further!


Arth-X Advanced Formula is a highly effective way to ease the pain, swelling and impaired mobility using a breakthrough combination of scientifically proven nutraceuticals. Arth-X Advanced formula has star ingredients at effective dosages.


BOSWELLIA SERRATA EXTRACT 250 mg - Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties, improves pain and mobility.

CURCUMIN EXTRACTS 200 mg - Powerful anti-inflammatory agents, blocking the same inflammation-promoting enzyme as a well-known COX-2 inhibitor drug.

FULVIC ACID (CHD-FATM) 175 mg (Elemental) - Multi-functional inflammation modulator. A crucial anti-arthritic active ingredient prevents collagen degradation and improves gut function.

HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN 5000 mg - Stimulates endogenous collagen production and counteracts progressive tissue degeneration.

ASHWAGANDHA (KSM-66®) 250 mg - Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic agent: Effective for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and supports healthy joint function.

GLUCOSAMINE SULPHATE 1500 mg - Modifies cartilage structure, reduces osteoarthritis pain, delays progression, improves mobility.

VIT D3 5000 IU / VIT K2 150 mcg - Crucial for the prevention of arthritis and for decreasing the severity of symptoms. Intimately linked to bone health and multiple wellness issues.

MSM 1750 mg - Multiple beneficial effects, anti-inflammatory, improves pain and mobility in osteoarthritis.

COENZYME Q10 25 mg - Modulates inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress in rheumatoid arthritis patients, also specifically effective for gout.

CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS 200 mg - There is clinical evidence that citrus flavonoids alleviate RA symptoms.

GINGER ROOT EXTRACT 100 mg - Relief from active rheumatoid arthritis, known anti-inflammatory and beneficial gut health effects.

PREBIOTIC FIBRES 440 mg - Valuable anti-arthritic contribution due to improved gut health (along with Fulvic Acid and Ginger Root)


Arth-X Advanced Formula

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